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Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is located on the Library's lower level. This LibGuide includes information on current and past exhibits and other art related materials and resources.

November 2022

"Time Travel": Scenes from the Past and Present by Westchester Photographic Society

November 3 - 29th, 2022

Opening reception was held on Saturday, November 12th, 2-4 p.m. in the Art Gallery.

For more information about WPS please visit their website at

Past - Can reflect the photographer's interpretation of a historical nature, an antique object like a grandfather's clock, or an ancient monument.

Present - Can refer to a photographer's image of a recent object like a modern skyscraper, plants, a landscape, or a current event.                

October 2022

"Fahrenheit 100+" was a mixed media art show at the Ossining Public Library in October 2022.  Work from two-dozen artists depicted what's happening to our ecosystem and the effects of those changes on people, animals, and other life forms. 


April 2022

The "Ground Glass Road Show" Traveling Exhibition was located in the OPL parking lot.

at Cicalo, Rita Baunok, Ruth Raskin and Davis Larry organized the exhibit.


April 2021

This photography show consisted of the work by renowned photographers Dennis Thornton, Rob Dublin & Voyin Hrnjak. 

It was on view in the gallery April 1 - 29, 2021.

Rob Dublin Slideshow

Dennis Thornton Slideshow - Rockefeller State Park

Voyin Hrnjak's Slideshow

March 2021

The Bronx Photographic Society Art Show:  March 1 - 31, 2021

This show consisted of photography by six artists: 
Bob Feldman, David L. Feldman, Suzanne Carter, Raquel Gonzalez, Barbara Kapetanakes and Elizabeth Castro-Collazo.  

For more information about the group, please visit their website here.


January 27 - February 27, 2021

"Taking It to the Streets" by local Ossining photographer Alan Haywood in recognition of Black History Month and depicting celebrations in the streets and recent social movements.  

For more information about Alan and his work please visit his website here.



October 2020

"Recent Work"

Artist - Suzanne Altman

Artist Statement - "I love exploring light and color with a variety of still life objects.  The reflective and transparent qualities of glass and metals have particularly intrigued me.  I also love the rich textures and brilliant colors found in food, as well as the humorous and nostalgic emotions these objects evoke."


September 2020

"Spectacular Quilts"

Artist - Barbara Glab

- Each quilt was beautifully designed by the artist and then handmade by local quilting groups including the Amish.



March 2019

"Nature's Colors"

Artist - June Farnham

- June's latest artwork can be seen on her website at and also on her Instagram site at